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2014-15 Season:


Hi Terrie,
The song Da Pacem reminded me of The Abbey of Regina Laudis, founded in 1947 in Bethlehem, Connecticut, where I took my friend the season before last.   The sound of the voices took me back there.  Your selection of a Peaceful Wintersong was a wise one.  I felt my blood pressure going down as we sat and listened to the beautiful voices.  Very well done.  --  Opal


Great concert last night [Friday, April 10, 2015]. My friends enjoyed it-Jon Shallop was president of the Council of the Arts in Rochester, MN for many years, now retired out here, and he said they commissioned Stephen Paulus several times and used a lot of his work. So they loved Sing Creations and appreciated the challenging music.  -- Terrie

We loved it!!
Last night's performance [Fri, 4/10/15] was fabulous.  Beautiful voices.  Congratulations on going to Carnegie Hall.  Well deserved.  Can I go? Very well done. -- Opal

Sunday afternoon [April 12, 2015] I was anticipating another wonderful musical experience.  And it began.  And I began to wonder what was happening.  Something was different. Very different.  Not quite the same SAWC sound. Louder, less modulated voices: a forceful energetic pace--yet light-hearted.  And when CHILDREN tumbled on/onto the stage I began to catch on.  Scarborough Fair had beckoned us to a new fun time.  But Jabberwocky and nursery rhymes were only a clue. And as the musical selections changed so did the voices maturing-- becoming light-hearted. . . romantic. . . and then reflective.  I knew the program was "A Girl's Life."  What I didn't expect was to watch and hear those wonderful women on stage age before my eyes and ears.  Was it the spell cast by the director with her fluently expressive face and fingers?  And were those saucy ladies casting their own incantations upon us in the form of song?  And integral to the interpretational weave: the musicians (especially Ryder) offering their unique translations of the text.. . .  But all of that conspired to beckon me/us back upon our own girlish journey(s) right up until we came together in that universally inclusive curtain call.  More than enough said to you and to the chorus, other than "Sing Creations Music On"! --  Elaine

"I've been waving my arms around in choral concerts for a long time. Let me say that my concertizing with Terrie Ashbaugh's Southern Arizona Women's Chorus had to be one of the more fun events with which I've ever been involved. Their enthusiasm, joy-of-singing, dedication, organizational skills and "we don't get tired" attitude was truly inspirational. I can't wait to get the chance to work with them again in the future...they're just plain terrific!"

Kirby Shaw

"The concerts [are] truly fabulous. I could hear the many truly professional voices and the overall presentation was exquisite. Beautiful choral voices really touch my heart and give wings to my spirit."

Anita Stafford

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